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August 06 2014


4 Factors That Determine Ranking Of A YouTube Video

Relevance from the video

Since the content that you're sharing is in a relevant video, the very best measurement with the relevancy of the film is the title. Which means if the title of the film isn't associated with this content that you're providing you with will in all probability fail to rank high within the search results.

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The best way of measuring the relevancy of your video is simply by counting the quantity of words in the actual film title that match your query. To be on the safe side you ought to be sure that the title is 90%-100% strongly related the particular query.

Trust and authority of your YouTube channel

The quantity of subscribers, number of channel views, and the overall ages of your video channel are very important in determining the ranking of the videos. When you have a strong reputation and also you regularly post good quality videos, your videos have high likelihood of being ranked high.

Social signals

The same as in websites, the effectiveness of the social signals has an effect on the ranking of the video. A number of the factors that indicate social sharing are: external links and the strength from the sites the video is being shared on.

A relevant video has high odds of being ranked high if it is shared on strong social sharing sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn.

Comments, responses and reactions

YouTube wants to determine the amount of dialogue that your video generates; therefore, the quantity of likes, comments and responses includes a huge role in determining the ranking of your video.

Which means that if a video receives many likes, comments, and responses, it will be ranked high.

Recommendations to attain a top ranking online

To your video to position high, you have to do a number of things. One of the things you need to do is to create original and quality video content. With this option you'll attract lots of people to love and share your video that can consequently result to high ranking of the video.

Another stuff that you need to do is to stay longer online and consistently submit top quality videos. When you stay longer you have more authority to help in enhancing the ranking of your videos.

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